Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Make Facebook accountable for perpetuating sexism, and follow through on your site’s community standards and policy statements regarding pornographic, harassing, and dehumanizing pages. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hottest and cutest Teens of 2013: threats of gun violence, suicide instructions, teens in overly sexual poses, adult porn, bestiality, teens in their underwear, adult nudity and every possible form of abuse ON FACEBOOK

Mr. Simon Milner
Mr. Matt Steinfeld

Dear Sirs,

This is the second time we write Facebook to demand that this 3rd event - which has now grown to over 10,000 guests - be shut down together with its adult host, Dino Bruscia. This event exploits children sexually, is filled with hate and abuse, and also adult pornography.

Together with the hate and cyber bullying in virtually every thread directed at the teens who post their own or their friends' images, there are threats of gun violence, suicide instructions, teens in overly sexual poses, adult porn, bestiality, teens in their underwear, adult nudity and every possible form of abuse.

The provocative images posted by the kids of themselves WILL be used by child sexual predators.

Adults are making sexually obscene comments towards minors in the event.

Below is a brief list of just some of the recent posts that neither the hosts, nor Facebook has bothered to remove in an event directed at teens.

We find Facebook's lack of action in this regard appalling and expect immediate removal of this page.

As mentioned before the one host, Dino Bruscia, is an adult and has no place hosting a major event billed as a so-called popularity contest for teens, especially one called "HOTTEST and cutest teens. This is sexual exploitation of minors by an adult on Facebook, which you are refusing to remove.

Please refer to our earlier email giving the background on Mr. Bruscia, including for his previous arrest for child endangerment and assault.

The hosts of an event are fully responsible for ensuring that abusive, illegal or inappropriate material is removed. The responsibility for the posting and non-removal lies solely on the hosts and of course Facebook, not on trolls as you claimed in the media.

Facebook is legally responsible for removing reported illegal content and for removing a page, event or group that acts in a manner violating its Terms of Service or the law. This event and its hosts have violated the law and your ToS and therefore warrants removal.

This matter is of extreme urgency and we look forward to immediate escalation of our report.

Jay Marshall
Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Yoni blocked for breasts!

My Yoni Facebook's page was blocked for 1 month because of art photography... Are female breast really so offensive?

Please support their beautiful page.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Freedom of speech is not a universal right. The safety of our children supersedes that right.

Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation

Read the full 10-page letter here. Excerpts are below.

This is going to be a long letter, but allow me to get straight to the point. Facebook policies and/or the lack of implementation thereof are a DANGER TO CHILDREN. It is as simple as that.

Facebook has more than enough revenue to accomplish this, yet has financial greed prevented adequate safety measures? Facebook has the responsibility to your billion-plus users. You have the responsibility to keep them safe. You have the responsibility to ensure that abusive and illegal content is removed, either by your own filters or after it is brought to your attention through reporting by users. And this must be done even after just a SINGLE report – not ten, not a hundred, not thousands.

  • JUST ONE report of illegal or abusive content MUST result in permanent removal of said content.
  • ALL forms of child sexual abuse & harassment content MUST be removed from the network.
  • Minors must be given FULL protections and privacy.
Given the above and the years of complaints and publicizing of Facebook’s ridiculous and absurd safety failures, we call on the Governments of the United Kingdom, Canada & Australia to launch full investigations into how Facebook is allowed to operate without any safeguards to our children, without any oversight, and with such an explosion of child abuse, grooming, cyberbullying and offensive content.

We call on investors and advertisers to take note on how Facebook operates and allows said content without concern for the safety of its users. These advertisers and investors need to see how you operate Facebook to the detriment of the millions of teens and preteens around the world.

We call on you, Mr. Zuckerberg, Ms. Sandberg, the Board of Directors, and senior management. It is time that Facebook takes child safety seriously. It is time that Facebook starts spending some of the billions in revenue on child safety.

Freedom of speech is not a universal right.
The safety of our children supersedes that right.

On behalf of the Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation and worldwide partners,

Jay Marshall, Spokesperson, Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation
Carol Todd, mother of Amanda Todd
Dave Smith, father of Hannah Smith
Deb Smith, stepmom of Hannah Smith
Glen Canning, father of Rehtaeh Parsons
Kim Loik, mother of Todd Loik
Tricia Norman, mother of Rebecca Sedwick
Warren Penpraze, father of Olivia Penpraze
Blair Corbett, Ark of Hope for Children
Inesa Jenza, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Safety Activist
Rachel Holway, President, Alerta Vida ONG
Ruth Jacobs,
Trista Hendren, Author & Activist,