Wednesday, May 8, 2013

List of Articles Detailing Problems at Facebook

Woman takes on Facebook to stop inflammatory rape posts: Anna Canzano / KATU Channel 2 news

The story of a feminist take-over of a Facebook page / Feminist at Sea

Inside Facebook's Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where 'Camel Toes' are More Offensive Than 'Crushed Heads': Adrian Chen / Gawker-are-more-offensive-than-crushed-heads

The dark side of Facebook: Emma Barnett & Iain Hollingshead / The Telegraph

Facebook’s Refusal to Shut Down Video of Woman’s Murder Disgusts Public [Graphic adult content]: Dean Spencer / The American Complaint Department

Facebook faces new privacy criticism, moderators can see info: Leigh Goessl / Digital Journal

My Placenta vs. Jay-Z (TRIGGER WARNING: Violent Images): Svea Boyda-Vikander / Mama to Mama

Facebook shutters page that taunted lawmaker's push to curb military rape: Bill Briggs / NBC News

Horrifying new trend: Posting rapes to Facebook: Mary Elizabeth Williams / Salon

Bea Arthur’s Boobs Got Us Booted From Facebook: Brian Ries / Daily Beast

Coalition: Time for Facebook to take responsibility for gender-based hate speech: Emmily Bristol / Fem2.0

Coalition: Facebook Must Stop Gender-Based Hate Speech: Vitamin W

Activists Demand Facebook Stop Glorifying Violence Against Girls and Women: Robin Marty / Reality Check

Fighting hate speech against women on Facebook: Jane Martinson / The Guardian

'Day Of Nude On Facebook': French Users Protest Censorship With Bare-Skinned Photos: Sara Gates / Huff Post

Facebook's Hate Speech Problem: Mary Elizabeth Williams / Salon

Taking Facebook to Task: Michele Kort / Ms Magazine

End gender based hate speech on Facebook: Jane Osmond / Women's Views on News

Social Media Week amongst those to sign an open letter to Facebook against representation of rape and domestic violence: Ishbel Macleod / The Drum

Activists Pressure Companies To Boycott Facebook Over Its Content Promoting Violence Against Women: Tara Culp-Ressler / Think Progress

Cyber Bullying of Rape Victims – Modern Day Version of Stoning: Emma Saloranta / Girls' Globe

Consumers urge brands to boycott Facebook over domestic violence: Nicola Kemp / Marketing Magazine

Facebook’s Anti-Woman Hate-Speech Hypocrisy?: Caroline Linton / The Daily Beast

The Three Companies ignoring the #FBrape campaign: Katie / Feministing

Does Facebook have a 'violence against women' problem?: Aljazeera

Consumers urge brands to boycott Facebook over domestic violence: Nicola Kemp / Brand Republic

Consumers urge brands to boycott Facebook over domestic violence: Storify

Feminists to Facebook: Rape Is No Laughing Matter: Elizabeth Plank / Policy Mic

Chicago teens arrested for allegedly filming gang rape of 12-year-old: Kevin Morris / Daily Dot

Facebook's violently sexist pages are an opportunity for feminists: mer O'Toole / The Guardian

A hairy scapegoat and cyber misogyny: darielleisastrumpet / The Strumpet Post

Facebook hate speech should have advertisers running: Laura Slattery / Irish Times

The #FBrape Campaign: Fighting Against Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook: Purposefully Scarred: Hope for Survivors of Abuse

Facebook and Censorship's Slippery Slope: Harry Cheadle / Vice

Facebook Has Power; They’re Not Using It Well: Ty Slobe / SPARK

We’re Holding Facebook Accountable. Join Us.: Rosie / Make Me a Sammich

Why isn’t it hate speech if it’s about women?: Emily L. Hauser / In My Head

This is How Brands Should Be Reacting to the #FBRape Campaign: Imran Siddiquee / MissRepresentation 

I Helped Start the #FBRape Campaign Because We Must Not Tolerate Facebook's Allowance of Horrifying Pictures Showing Violence Against Women: Laura Bates / xoJane

Facebook Rape Campaign Ignites Twitter: Boycott Threats From #FBrape Get Advertisers’ Attention: Christopher Zara / International Business Times

Facebook Rejects Breast Cancer Ad For Violating Ban Against ‘Adult Products’: Igor Volsky / Think Progress

Tables turned: Facebook hit with social media campaign over sexist content: Emma Woolley / The Globe and Mail

Facebook: Where Graphic Violence Against Women is A-Okay.: General Gubbins 

Show FB some defiance. Tell them to stop censoring this pic:SaraJoyM / TwitLonger

Facebook can't keep turning a blind eye to the women-haters it enables: Jane Fae / NewStatesman

I’m confused Facebook… (Trigger warning) Life Out of a Box

Why I'm Supporting the #FBRape Campaign: Jarrah Hodge / Gender Focus

#FBrape: Campaign against anti-women Facebook groups: Kristin Shorten /

Facebook video investigated after ‘bullied’ Italian girl leaps to her death: Tom Kington / The TelegraphWhat you need to know about #FBRape: Marc Peters / Masculinity U

Sexism is real: The Everyday Sexism Project: Haji Mohamed Dawjee / Mail & Guardian Africa's Best Read

Hey Facebook, rape is not a punchline: Clementine Ford / Daily Life

Why You Should Listen To EverydaySexism (TW): Geoff's Shorts

Calling on feminist programmers: It’s time for a mass exodus from Facebook: when women were warriors

Sheryl Sandberg & #FBRape: A Case Study in the Failure of Corporate Feminism to Combat Misogyny: Amy Fried Ph.D / OpEd News

Facebook sexism campaign attracts thousands online: Zoe Kleinman / BBC

Nationwide pulls Facebook advertising after consumer backlash: Nicola Kemp / Marketing Magazine

Dove in Twitter storm as ‘self esteem’ ads appear next to images of battered women: Cheryl Latham / Metro

Facebook faces rising criticism for allegedly misogynist photo policies (Graphic content / trigger warning): William Wolfe-Wylie / O Canada

How funny is this, Facebook?: Association for Progressive Communications

Rape Jokes on Facebook Aren't Funny, Zuckerberg: Glen Canning / Huff Post

Signal Boost: Glen Canning and Facebook’s Moral Compass: Julie Gillis

Honouring Rehtaeh Parsons: The News

Facebook Says It Failed to Bar Posts With Hate Speech: Tanzina Vega /NY Times

Enough is Enough: Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture on Facebook: Trista Hendren / Elephant Journal

Facebook agrees to block sexual assault 'humor': Nidhi Subbaraman / NBC News

Facebook finally addresses its rape culture: Mary Elizabeth Williams / Salon

Questioning Facebook: Can't Delete Me Here / Living with Memories (TRIGGER WARNING Pro-incest pages)

Foreign Press:
Dinge, die Jugendliche bei facebook lernen:

Nackt geht gar nicht, geknebelt schon: Sü 

Facebook, blogger contro il social per i messaggi di odio contro le donne: Stefania Prandi /

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