Thursday, August 22, 2013

Questioning Facebook: Can't Delete Me Here - HUGE Trigger Warning (incest promoted on Facebook)

I did a horrible, no-good, very bad task. I entered the word "incest" in the facebook search engine and stumbled upon pages that support incest; make fun of incest; I don't know what else because I was too afraid to actually "click" on the pages to even see what was they were all about. I was appalled. Disgusted. Freaked out.

However, writer that I am... I am naturalistically curious and a voracious researcher, so I clicked on one facebook page called, "Incest is Best". I immediately reported it to facebook and posted information on my support group page to help me shut the group down. Guess what happened? Facebook not only declined my request to shut the page down, they also blocked me from going to the "Incest is Best" site, as that group reported me as harassing them!

I am all for freedom of speech, so although this scenario is appalling to me, I cannot argue with the ethics of their right to have whatever page they want on facebook. I guess since it doesn't set out to exploit children, per se... there is no criminal intent. But, ugh and really?

I've railed against PTSD jokes in this blog. I was shocked when we watched "Airplane" to notice the blatant jokes about molesting a little boy. When is the concept of molestation and incest going to be so appalling, no one will ever joke about it again?

What exactly is this page anyway? The info says: "This is page is all about incest sex relationship between family members, like Brother sister sex, father daughter sex, mom son sex. Like this page for incest fun"

This must be a joke, right? 78,688 people "like" the information page "Incest". 395 members belong to the closed group "first milk and first fuck from my mom". 4,255 people "like" the page "Incest Family". 4,614 friends belong to "incest lovers only" community.

The world's gone mad. I have to stop this research now because my head hurts; my heart hurts; I feel demoralized.

Perhaps it is also, in part, because I have never explored pornography on the internet that I feel so shocked at seeing these pages on facebook. Pornography was a method of torture used on my little girl self, so I have avoided it my entire adult life. Therefore, perhaps I am just really naïve to the craziness found therein.

Wait a minute... I went back to research again and found pictures on "incest lovers only" with captions I will copy/paste right here, word for word:

"Reaction of sister during forced fucking by real brother incest" (she looks like she is being raped)

"be a good girl and take daddies cock incest" (even worse... bad grammar)

"Daddy fucks his daughter as his whore"

"Dad says to daughter not to tell mom about this incest"

Okay... if this page can exist on facebook, it is time for me to reconsider. Facebook, I think we are about to break up. Delete that.

~Elizabeth Beck, Living with Memories

Dear Facebook - How many letters do we have to write?

So this is what is meant by Facebook has the best interest of children in mind. This is what is meant by Facebook's current reporting systems work best. That is what Fred Wolens told me is it not?
There is no option to report bullying. There is no option to report child abuse. There is no option to report child harassment.
Do you want to go the way of Are you going to wait for the next TEEN SUICIDE from Facebook abuse, trolling and bullying before you do something?
See attachment of how you reject reports of a page that promotes and excuses bullying and suicide from bullying.
And we would really still like to know what is the Facebook Safety Advisory Board doing about this. For us it looks like absolutely nothing. What are you getting paid to do?
Jay Marshall
Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girl God getting Death Threats

I woke up to this lovely message this morning.  Among the other rubble: "I can only kill you brutally
Third class bitch".

We must stop allowing men to threaten women for being feminists and speaking out.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Child sex abuse images and human trafficking on Facebook

Facebook's issue of child sex abuse images and human trafficking

My interview with Ruth Jacobs
I don't believe anything will truly change until more people join this fight and put pressure on Facebook. Many have been working on this issue for years. Many more joined in with the #FBRape campaign, but abruptly stopped after believing we had a victory.

We don't have a victory until children are not exploited on Facebook any longer. And we mustn't stop fighting until that day comes.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Articles about Facebook and child safety

As this list of compiled articles from #OpScareCrow shows, the issue of child safety on Facebook has been known for quite some time.  This is a list from 2008-2009.


Byron Review's internet enforcer goes into action: Promises child net protection strategy within a year

New web watchdog to protect children

It's Safer Internet Day

Facebook is to add a slew of new safeguards to protect young users from sexual predators and cyber bullies.

Facebook agrees to child-safety measures: Reining in Web 2.0 predators

Attorneys General reach children’s safety agreement with Facebook

Facebook Agrees To Child Safety Plan

Facebook, 49 U.S. states agree on Web safety steps

Facebook to crack down on cyber bullying

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 9, 2008 - B01 PHILADELPHIA (pay archive)
Facebook reaches agreement on sex predators

Facebook's Child Safety Practices Put to Test:

Facebook facing child safety accusations:

Facebook subpoenaed over child grooming (pay archive)

Facebook settles New York child safety probe:

Facebook has promised greater vigilance in responding to obscene material and reports of sexual predators on its site, the AP reports.

Facebook to Strengthen Child Warnings::

Facebook settles child safety probe


Teens Are 'Sexting' Like Crazy

Federal government introduces mandatory child porn reporting legislation

New torment for parents: THE latest woman arrested over playgroup pervert Vanessa George’s Facebook paedophile ring is another nursery worker.

Social networking sites sign EU pact on child safety

Social networking sites sign up to EU code on child safety

Government launches child internet safety campaign

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Bullied Teen takes her life - and is bullied in her Grave on Facebook

Dear Mr Milner / Mr Wolens / Mr Allan

As Directors of policy for Facebook, could you please enlighten me as to why your moderators did not consider it necessary to remove the post 'R.I.P skank bitch' made by user xx on the Hannah Smith Facebook tribute page 'RIP Hannah Smith' ?

Would I be correct in thinking that this is YET ANOTHER example of Facebook allowing people to exercise their 'freedom to reflect the world around them' whilst paying no regard whatsoever to others? Would I be further correct in saying that yet again, as with the xx page which was filled with porn, Facebook really could not give a damn about what anyone writes about deceased children? Or maybe I've got it entirely wrong and the comment 'R.I.P skank bitch' is humourous in another culture, perhaps even in the little bubble that you chaps live in, and that this is just someones attempt to be funny and it's going right over my head? Yes, that'll be it. After all, when you look at the definitions of each word, it could so easily be.

skank (skngk)
1. A rhythmic dance performed to reggae or ska music, characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands.
2. Disgusting or vulgar matter; filth.
3. One who is disgustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous. Used especially of a woman or girl.

a female dog: The bitch won first place in the sporting dogs category.
2.a female of canines generally.
3.Slang. A malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman. A lewd woman. Disparaging and Offensive.
4. Slang. A person who performs demeaning tasks for another; servant: Tom is so her bitch; she just ordered him to go fetch her some pizza—and he went without a word.
5.Slang. A convict who is in a homosexual relationship and/or dominant relationship willingly or unwillingly in the prison setting: The new inmate was immediately forced to be the bitch of the prison's top dog.

It's certainly interesting to know that Facebook is absolutely no better than the likes of in dealing with hate speech. The user xx has basically posted 'Rest in peace you disgustingly foul and sexually promiscuous, malicious, unpleasant, selfish woman' on the tribute page of a 14 year old who took her own life due to bullying, and yet it doesn't violate your community standards! How can this be? What planet are your moderators on? What safeguards does Facebook actually have in place to protect vulnerable youngsters? Your response to my report on this issue sends us all the plain and simple message: NONE.

Your safeguards and reporting system is useless as myself and many others are constantly telling you. Facebook is an utter disgrace to society and how the morals of you three men actually allow you to take a salary from a company that does nothing to control such vile hatred is simply beyond me. You should be ashamed of yourselves and resign your positions with immediate effect, having consistently failed at every opportunity to address the major issues that exist on the Facebook network.

As ever, I would appreciate answers. As ever, I don't expect to get any.

Anthony Hemsley

NOTE: Hannah Smith took her life last Friday after being bullied on Social Media. Out of respect for both her memory and her family, the screen shots sent to Facebook will not be posted here.