Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Facebook is Blocking Kashmiri Activists, including long-time Human Rights Activist Mary Scully

Long-time Feminist and Human Rights Activist Mary Scully has now also been banned for 3 days. Mary's article about Kashmir was removed and she has been blocked from accessing her account for 3 days.
"Shamefully, Facebook is hand in glove with the Indian authorities and is blocking accounts of activists across the world who dare to speak out about common Kashmiri or the ongoing brutalities on civilians by the state machinery. In the garb of so called community standards, it doesn't give a damn about moral standards or human rights or war crimes." -Mudasir Firdosi

You can sign the petition to reinstate Mary's account here.

Read Mary's censored piece on her blog.

Facebook "Community Standards"

via Charlie Rae
via Charlie Rae
via Charlie Rae

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dear Black Folks - Solidarity with The Body is Not an Apology and Son of Baldwin pages after Facebook censorship

The Body is Not an Apology had this viral post removed from Facebook.

"Two days ago The Body Is Not an Apology shared the image below, affirming the safety and love of Black people. Two million people saw it. 185,000 people liked it and 25 thousand people shared it. Today it was removed from our page and removed from 25 THOUSAND people's pages. We want to know why telling Black people they deserve love and safety is a violation of ANYONE'S Community Standards. We will repost this image EVERY TIME Facebook takes it down until they explain what we are violating! Please help us get this image back. Share Widely and ask Mark Zuckerberg why!"

Son of Baldwin has also had similarly titled content removed from Facebook.

Per the page, "Facebook removed the "Dear Black Folk" post because many racists with hurt feelings apparently mass reported it.

They have also banned my personal account from posting for 30 days."

A fan of the page recreated the post here.

Apparently The Kinfolk Kollective, a page on Facebook for black activism, for radical black thought, was also recently taken down entirely from Facebook.  There is Change.org petition - please sign and share.

Nipple Bans

"Artist Micol Hebron is once again barred from Facebook for nipple images. I'm posting this, which she created a while ago, in solidarity. Lots of people think "free the nipple" ideas are trivial or all about sexualization, but bans like this are serious because they shut down multiple ways women object to status quo representations. Women's political and artistic speech is suppressed while objectifying imagery gets a pass and is promoted. Social media company policies, like many city statutes and public ordinances, privilege male-dominant heterosexuality, conflate women’s bodies with indecency and sex (considered a bad thing) and insist that those bodies (and sex) be held in reserve, distributed and consumed according to patriarchal rules.

Many people, seem confounded by expressions of female nudity that are not sexual — because, of course, isn’t male titillation the whole point of women’s nudity? The real question about female nudity isn’t why anyone would want to show or see women’s breasts if they’re not titillating. The real question is about who has the right to say what they’re for, where and when they can be seen and by whom. It is hardly alone, either, in hiding women's toplessness when news of protests or artistic commentary include pictures, etc. The concern on platforms like this one is that pornography will flood the site, a huge moderation expense. Facebook manages context and nuance when it comes to other areas of concern however, and has made positive changes to allow breastfeeding and post mastectomy images. As it is though "good women" whose photos can be seen are those who have suffered or are making their bodies useful for babies."

via Soraya Chemaly

The owner of the Bare Reality page is also banned for 30 days again for posting a photo of her book cover from Amazon.