Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hildur Lilliendahl banned 30 days for posting a picture of a Cervix

Hildur Lilliendahl was just banned for 30 days for posting a picture of a Cervix on Facebook.

I originally wrote about Hildur in Does Facebook Hate all Women - or just Feminists? when she was blocked for "violating community standards" of Facebook.

"Icelandic feminist, Hildur Lilliendahl, was recently  temporarily blocked from posting content on Facebook, for the fourth time. The blocking began when she started collecting abusive public comments from men about women and/or feminists from around the web. Hildur published these comments on Facebook, in an album called “Men who hate women.

The material Facebook termed “abusive” were screenshots of hateful, misogynist comments. Hildur was  reported for re-posting other people’s comments, most recently resulting in a 30-day block. Facebook warned her that she must “stop violating the community standards of Facebook.” Keep in mind, this was after she re-posted a public status from a man with these kind words about her:
If I ‘accidentally’ ran over Hildur, she is probably the only person on earth that I would back up over and leave the car on top of her with the hand brake on!!!) Put this in your ‘men who hate Hildur’ folder, Hildur Lilliendahl.”

A year later, she is now blocked for posting from Beautiful Cervix . This site "encourages women to learn cervical self-exam and fertility awareness as a revolutionary path of promoting respect, confidence, and health.  We believe that this form of self-empowerment and education will help contradict shame and misinformation around women’s reproductive health and choices, affecting positive change from the personal to global levels."

The founder of this project describes her project as such:

"The Beautiful Cervix Project is part of my contribution to world peace.  I know that as we break free from isolation and shame, we gain respect for ourselves and each other; this connection and empowerment is the foundation of peace."

You can see a gallery of various cervix's here.

Hildur wrote about her recent experience in an Icelandic paper, which I have translated into English via Google Translate.

"I'm actually on holiday in Spain and I just pretty good for being free from Facebook . And probably have my friends in the cold at home also just good because I can not brag me with coastal images But yeah , of course this is ridiculous, "says campaign wife Hilda Lilliendahl that last night was yet another ban on Facebook, this time in 30 days.

Hildur was placed in a ban for Image Link coverage of a young woman who takes pictures of your vagina and leghálsopi daily . The images displayed on the site Beautiful Cervix Project there are some albums that show different women who have taken pictures of the cervix and cervical their openings .So follow the woman with her ​​menstrual cycle . The images seem to have gone the opposite people and Hilda put in ban shortly after she put the link on Facebook. "This is a woman to track her menstrual cycle and talk about it. There are no pornographic images or rude . These are some pictures of inside the human body , "says Hilda .

She says the ban , however, first and foremost uncover values ​​Facebook , which has often though quickly react if it considers material to be pornographic , but is considered late to respond to violent images or even racial mers .

"I feel mostly remarkable how this exposes the value assessment for this company. Leghálsop is banned but racism is just fine and domestic violence and sexual violence is OK if it is to be funny . And then I also remarkable to be able to open and read the Facebook I need to check that I understand the Terms of Facebook . Anyone understand this ? I do not understand the asshole , not exactly how they work or what the thinking is behind them, " she says , but it is forbidden to set your status updates. To be able to follow though on Facebook , it must approve the agreement the company again.

As said before , this is not the first time that Hilda is set in prohibition , but before the company put it in Straff for example, Album and Websites " Men who hate women. " It takes Hildur together comments, which have appeared on the Web take screenshots and collects . It has, among other things attracted the attention of foreign media who have covered the repeated punishment Facebook towards Hilda ."

via Google Translate from the Icelandic of

UPDATE: The ban on Hildur was lifted this afternoon PST. 

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