Friday, December 14, 2012

Interesting Response to last FB article

I beg to differ: "Written words, memes, and photos advocating violence against disabled people: Hate speech, harmful and will deleted."

WRONG. My daughter was tormented and abused terribly on facebook for having autism by her father's livein lover. Facebook's solution?

Leave the abuse up on facebook, ban my daughter's account and tell me not to let her use mine to view it. AFTER being told that the disgusting perpetrator is blocked by me so my daughter can't see the abuse even if she used my account - that it was her FATHER allowing her to view the abuse, as well as members of his family were not only showing my daughter the horrible things being said about her disability, but were joining in mocking my poor girl.

Facebook does not protect the disabled. They leave up terribly foul abusive and threatening things said to disabled people.

Facebook also encourages abuse of certain religious groups. The problem is facebook has a culture of attack the victim and defend the perpetrator on a LOT of issues. Not just rape.

I totally agree with you facebook has a disgusting view on rape, but they aren't any better with disability and religion.

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