Thursday, August 22, 2013

Questioning Facebook: Can't Delete Me Here - HUGE Trigger Warning (incest promoted on Facebook)

I did a horrible, no-good, very bad task. I entered the word "incest" in the facebook search engine and stumbled upon pages that support incest; make fun of incest; I don't know what else because I was too afraid to actually "click" on the pages to even see what was they were all about. I was appalled. Disgusted. Freaked out.

However, writer that I am... I am naturalistically curious and a voracious researcher, so I clicked on one facebook page called, "Incest is Best". I immediately reported it to facebook and posted information on my support group page to help me shut the group down. Guess what happened? Facebook not only declined my request to shut the page down, they also blocked me from going to the "Incest is Best" site, as that group reported me as harassing them!

I am all for freedom of speech, so although this scenario is appalling to me, I cannot argue with the ethics of their right to have whatever page they want on facebook. I guess since it doesn't set out to exploit children, per se... there is no criminal intent. But, ugh and really?

I've railed against PTSD jokes in this blog. I was shocked when we watched "Airplane" to notice the blatant jokes about molesting a little boy. When is the concept of molestation and incest going to be so appalling, no one will ever joke about it again?

What exactly is this page anyway? The info says: "This is page is all about incest sex relationship between family members, like Brother sister sex, father daughter sex, mom son sex. Like this page for incest fun"

This must be a joke, right? 78,688 people "like" the information page "Incest". 395 members belong to the closed group "first milk and first fuck from my mom". 4,255 people "like" the page "Incest Family". 4,614 friends belong to "incest lovers only" community.

The world's gone mad. I have to stop this research now because my head hurts; my heart hurts; I feel demoralized.

Perhaps it is also, in part, because I have never explored pornography on the internet that I feel so shocked at seeing these pages on facebook. Pornography was a method of torture used on my little girl self, so I have avoided it my entire adult life. Therefore, perhaps I am just really naïve to the craziness found therein.

Wait a minute... I went back to research again and found pictures on "incest lovers only" with captions I will copy/paste right here, word for word:

"Reaction of sister during forced fucking by real brother incest" (she looks like she is being raped)

"be a good girl and take daddies cock incest" (even worse... bad grammar)

"Daddy fucks his daughter as his whore"

"Dad says to daughter not to tell mom about this incest"

Okay... if this page can exist on facebook, it is time for me to reconsider. Facebook, I think we are about to break up. Delete that.

~Elizabeth Beck, Living with Memories

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