Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Facebook - How many letters do we have to write?

So this is what is meant by Facebook has the best interest of children in mind. This is what is meant by Facebook's current reporting systems work best. That is what Fred Wolens told me is it not?
There is no option to report bullying. There is no option to report child abuse. There is no option to report child harassment.
Do you want to go the way of Are you going to wait for the next TEEN SUICIDE from Facebook abuse, trolling and bullying before you do something?
See attachment of how you reject reports of a page that promotes and excuses bullying and suicide from bullying.
And we would really still like to know what is the Facebook Safety Advisory Board doing about this. For us it looks like absolutely nothing. What are you getting paid to do?
Jay Marshall
Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation

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