Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Age of censorship.

"This is the fourth time that Facebook has censored Dublin SaysNo. 

The last time they said it was a mistake. When they put the page back online it had a reach of 300 before they censored it, it had a reach of half a million. 

It's not surprising after starting the meter protests in Dublin 9 weeks ago and watch as they have spiraled to a national level that they would again come after us. 

We have continued to support everyone protesting and used our page to get everyone's story out there as the media has been bought and sold by Government sympathizers.

While Facebook blocks pages that stand up to corrupt Governments they actively help and accept money that is used to grow pages that contain, Bestiality, child porn, extreme violence, bullying etc.

Facebook is dead.

Dublin says no will not be silenced.

Dublin says no is not about a page. Dublin says no is about the people who refuse to give up the fight for their future and their children's future."

Shared from DublinSaysNo in solidarity.

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