Thursday, November 29, 2012

Response from Facebook this AM

Trista -- So sorry for the inconvenience, we have reactivated the Page, changed the title back to normal, and have also shielded the Page to prevent further mishaps.

The title of the Page caused a misunderstanding and we removed the Page as a precaution. Please accept our apologies and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.



On 11/29/12 10:06 AM, "Trista Hendren"  wrote:

Dear Fred,

I am the woman who wrote the article about Facebook on Elephant Journal, which you kindly responded to. >st-feminists/

On Monday evening, I was logged out of Facebook with the following message from Facebook:

Your content has been temporarily suspended
Your content was removed from the site for violating Facebook's Statement
of Rights and Responsibilities section 3.7.
If you believe your content does not violate Facebook's policies because it is not intended literally but is instead meant only as humor, you can accept the name change below.
If you choose not to accept this name change, your content will not be restored.
Old title: Rapebook
New title: [Controversial Humor] Rapebook

If you are not familiar with the page many of us started collectively, it was intended as a counter-balance to the many sites on Facebook that PROMOTE RAPE AND ABUSE OF WOMEN. You can see the page at

If Facebook is not willing to make their site a safe place for women, you can at least give us the courtesy of allowing us a spot to convene and report pages and pictures that are highly offensive.

I DID NOT and DO NOT accept this "Controversial Humor " title. There is nothing funny about rape. There is nothing controversial about being >opposed to rape. If Facebook cannot understand that, then they do not
deserve the business of women anywhere.

Trista Hendren

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