Monday, November 19, 2012

So Who is Currently Blocked From Facebook

Please comment below and share your story.


  1. I am currently blocked from making friend requests, sending messages to anyone I am not "friends with" even if it is to respond to a message they sent me and commenting on any pages. - Trista Hendren AKA The Girl God

  2. Sharing this from our Group - from Responsible Charity ALERT: Facebook just blocked/reported our account after we posted this image. It is the story of a survivor from the Vietnam war; we're not sure whether "reality" or nudity was a deciding factor on their decision: Either way, PLEASE stand with us and demand that: is restored to its full-functioning platform! To submit your complaint, email Facebook directly at: - THANK YOU for your support!

  3. I was blocked from the Fem Admin group for the 2 days following the opening of the group. I still don't really know why but the fact that I opened and admin the group and Trista has been so involved from jump, and we've both experienced issues, leads me to believe there's more to the story than just 'updates'. However, since I have no proof to the contrary, I can only speculate.