Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trista's Facebook Acct Has been Suspended

My Facebook account was just suspended because of the Rapebook page. I can not believe they penalized me but refuse to take pages down like "It's not Rape it's simply free sex."

If you are not familiar with the page many of us started, it was a counter to the many sites on Facebook that PROMOTE RAPE AND ABUSE OF WOMEN. You can see the page at www.facebook.com/stoprapebook

I have attached the picture and this is the message they sent me:

Your content has been temporarily suspended

Your content was removed from the site for violating Facebook's Statement
of Rights and Responsibilities section 3.7.

If you believe your content does not violate Facebook's policies because it is not intended literally but is instead meant only as humor, you can accept the name change below.

If you choose not to accept this name change, your content will not be restored.

Old title: Rapebook
New title: [Controversial Humor] Rapebook

My thinking at the moment is that I will not accept this "Controversial
Humor Title" even if it costs me my Facebook account.


  1. Sorry to hear this Trista. I've posted it on my page hopefully everyone else will too. What else can we do?

  2. Thank you Sharon - I am deciding what to do from here. I think the week off will give me ample time to do that. At the moment, I do not plan to return to Facebook until they change their sexist policies. (Not holding my breathe.) I appreciate all of your support!