Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another breastfeeding ban on Facebook

Occupy Menstruation has received a 30-day Facebook block for posting a breastfeeding picture! 

But not to worry, Facebook still has Hot Teen Girls 18 New Desi BoobsTeen.Boobs,
Hot Girls Big Boobs Tits...too many to type....and plenty of porn sites where the girls look waaaay under 18! 

Occupy Menstruation  is a wonderful reference page for women and girls all over the world, providing critical information about our bodies.  The same admin also runs Journey Of Young Women and Boys Mentorship Collaborative. Since she was personally given a 30 day ban, those sites are also effectively out of commission.

 In solidarity please share as much as you can from here pages in the coming weeks.

You can also share this meme, which is posted here for your convenience:

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