Saturday, September 21, 2013

Women and Girls Speak on Social Networks: The Good, The Bad, and the Horrifying

I am thrilled to announce today that I am joining Trista Hendren, author, innovator, and tireless advocate for women’s and girl’s rights worldwide. Together we are launching Women and Girls Speak on Social Networks: the good, the bad, and the horrifying.

This is a forum and safe place for women and girls to write about their experiences on social networks and a place where they may find the support, help, and insight to deal with these experiences.
Social networks can be a curse and/or a blessing. Their impact on the daily lives of women and girls worldwide is of the utmost concern.

We are interested in how you have used Social Networks to advance causes for women and girls, human rights and other social justice issues. We are also interested in finding solutions for the growing harassment of women and girls online as well as the proliferation of child pornography and other images that demean women and children.

Trista and I will be writing this column weekly and we invite your feedback. You are invited to write to us so your voices are heard, your words understood, and your ideas taken seriously.

With this forum you can impact the lives of women and girls worldwide. The Social Network Show will be able to raise your ideas, and your concerns into topics with our anchor/host Dr. J.

~ Jim Nico

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