Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Elliot Rodger is a Hero": - how many pages like this will spring up on Facebook?

Seven people murdered in a hate crime targeted at women and someone already made a Facebook page: "Elliot Rodger is a Hero".

I wonder how many of these will spring up and whether Facebook will remove them?

The page states:

"This page is a tribute to a real American hero."

Pierce Ayanami Smith wrote on the page:
"He didn't let them suffer enough. The victims all either died nearly instantly, or will survive. Not good enough, if you ask me. They need to be tortured, for hours on end, knowing with certainty that their death will be coming, but not permitted to get it until their bodies absolutely cannot take any more physical pain."

Here's more:

Elliot Rodger - Forever Friendzoned

Elliot Rodger Rest In Peace

Elliot Rodger's Retribution

Feel free to comment with more pages below.

Meanwhile, it looks like the only post from A Voice for Men today is:

Update: the first page is down - many more are still up.

MRA's have created Elliot Rodger page, crying about Misandry.

And this gem, with a post with what appears to be Rodger as a child that says:

"Think for a sec if one of the women that turned him down put out for him once. Then all of this could have been prevented. People need to do their duty for humanity."

New one: Elliot Rodger is an American hero blames feminists:

"Feminists, whether you like it or not, you are the cause of this incident.
You have empowered women to essentially bully and reject people, and in this case it would seem that this happened to some poor kid with Autism.

A generation of self important narcissistic cows have been raised rather than the nicer ladies of the previous generations. Who's fault is that? That's the feminist's fault."

More articles:

Facebook refuses to take down hate speech page memorializing killer Elliot Rodger

"Shoutout to my boy elliot rodger. He did the best thing us men could do. And paid the ultimate price. Let his death be a memorial day in which we hate against the subhuman species called women."

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