Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is FB cracking down on fake accounts or just harassing feminist women?

Desiree "Equal Rights" Jordan was forced to remove "EqualRights" from her name on her Facebook profile.

Desiree responded: "I have no idea why or how they are instituting this 'change". All I know is I went to sign in and FB prompted me to secure my "real identity" by identifying a few of my friend from a list of pics... and refused to let me put the "ER"in my name....very unnerving....I just find it real SKETCHY that FB make me remove my "EqualRights" when they allow pages like "OBAMA MUST DIE" to stay up!!!!!!! ... I feel violated and silenced and coerced! I had to virtually lose the EqualRights in my name IF I want to stay in FB! ...So far I know of three women who were also forced to change their middle names."

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this here. I'm convinced that their is a concerted effort by FB to suppress unity. I NEVER curse on FB. I don't STALKING people's pages. I run my own Feminist page and don't have money to "promote" my page so no one see the page. WTH? There are so many hateful things demeaning and dehumanizing women. I won't shut up and go away. I'll find a way to keep posting under the name EqualRights!