Wednesday, May 21, 2014

''Men With Boobs': Argentine women reject Facebook's Double-standard of Censorship

"In order to call attention to the "macho censorship" that exists around Facebok, a group of Argentine women began a campaign to protest about, after the manager of the "Girl Power" page was censored at various times after publishing your own photos or other artistic nudes with.

Flower, a young activist told the local media Veloz Journal that "got a photo of Frida Kahlo where he saw the nipple and I erased it. The same thing happened with an artistic picture of my profile. We campaign against that and I deleted the Facebook page ".

In response they created "Campaign against censorship" which is to convert different images of topless women and male breasts cuts to raise awareness of inequality in Facebook when restricting private images.

Activists argue that "we know that men's nipples are not the same as women's nipples, because they meet another function, Facebook but not censure human body when not remove photos or pages where graphic violence shown, pedophilia, sexism and misogyny is a despicable act and we want to express ourselves against this ".

Read more here and see more of the pictures from the campaign.

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