Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Girl God Page blocked from posting on Facebook

The Girl God Page has blocked from posting to Facebook for 24 hours. All of the Admins have also been blocked from posting, liking, commenting or responding to messages on their personal and other pages.

Facebook said the picture from this blog post about the normalizing (female) bare breasts violates their "community standards".

"I walk bare-chested primarily because I enjoy feeling free. My strong secondary reason for walking bare-chested is to normalize female bare-chestedness, so that other women may feel the same way.

The only way to normalize anything is to do it with so much regularity and normality that people stop being afraid of it and start seeing it as conventional behavior. This is my motivation for posting photos and videos of my walks. I want people to see and hear for themselves the reactions (and more importantly the non-reactions) of the public as I walk by.

There exists this misconception that going bare-chested is some disruptive act of revolution and that traffic will stop and babies will cry. Perhaps it was at one time, and in some places may still be, but in many places that’s just not true any more." -Breasts Are Healthy blog

Meanwhile, there are a plethora of pages like "Big Bo0obs"on Facebook.


  1. Proof if it were needed that there is indeed a war against women and the divinity we posses.
    If we are not being objectified or effectively raped then our physicality is "inappropriate".
    Outrageous !

  2. I reported a comment made about Muslims that was hate speech. FB said it did not violate its community standards. It has weird community standards, the product of 20 something male minds.

  3. Why are bare female breasts so horrifying when breasts are used to sell everything? Or feed children. Or are commonplace in indigenous cultures? Smh

  4. I wont do it in front of men. I am a Dyke and in no way wan5 them objectifying me plus feeling vulnerable. But on womyn's land, during womyn's rituals, at Dyke March, I feel most Amazonian and free wirh my shirt off..provided it isnt too cold.

    Considering some of the crap on Facebook( I complained once about a woman with pucture after pucture of swastikas on her body) going bare breasted seems tame. I even have a puc of me Priestessing a ritual with the picture taken of my back and arms raised high and complaints cuz I wasnt wearing a shirt..even though you couldnt see my breasts!!

  5. How dare The Girl God post a non-sexualised image of a woman wearing her breasts. Don't you know we are only wear them for porn?