Sunday, March 17, 2013

High Court orders Facebook to reveal trolls

''Victory over cyber bullies: Legal first as High Court orders Facebook to reveal trolls'

The single mother is the first person ever to bring a court case privately to track down those who abused her

She was forced to take action after police refused to intervene

Now she has won a legal order forcing Facebook to disclose the identities of the trolls. It is the first time an individual has won such an order and Miss Brookes, 45, hopes to pursue private prosecutions against those responsible for her months of ‘vicious and depraved’ abuse.

Charities said the High Court ruling sent a message to the cyber bullies that their anonymity can be stripped away, leaving them open to prosecution.

Campaigners warned that online bullying has become the ‘weapon of choice’ among children and teenagers, with police and prosecutors failing to keep pace with the changes in technology.

''Miss Brookes said: ‘These abusers are not just random people who have nothing better to do with their time. ‘These are organised people who have been operating on Facebook for years.''

‘I’m going for the strongest possible prosecution against these people. I want them exposed.’ Last month, a survey found that just over half of all internet users have received abuse online or by text message. Only a minority report the abuse to police as many believe it will not be taken seriously.

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