Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Direct Threats on Facebook

This is from a woman who has been working her tail off to make Facebook a safe place for all women and children. Now they are threatening her and her young daughter directly.

"Threats to me which we are receiving by message. This is me, that is referred to in this message, and the names and address given is correct.

These people also managed to get another admins email address a few days ago, and posted it on the public forum on facebook.

 ''Hello i am the Magikarp, and we know who you are now. You are Mxxa Fxxy, you have a young daughter named lxxxx. You live in Oxxxm, Am Stutenanger, xx with Dxxk xxx and you have a travel blog (very useful for us). We know everything about you, and we can easily let other people know too. We have but one request: Stop targeting Jessica Dahmer. A simple, easy to do request. We want you to publicly renounce the attacks on Jessica Dahmer and promise you will leave her and her friends alone. Otherwise we will release your information EVERYWHERE. And who knows, that could easily be seen by someone who wants to do something not very nice to you or your family. We dont want that to happen, and im sure you dont either. Concede defeat, or face the consequences, your choice.''

This was sent by the following profile"

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