Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Threats to "get IP address, track you down, kidnap, rape, torture, and mutilate you."

I woke up to some very disturbing messages this morning.  Our Stoprapebook  page has been filled with trolls these last weeks.

We have been blocking them, but apparently their messages still show up for other people to see. This message came in today:

"Your last post has comments mostly filled with swear words and personal attacks.  It's from Max Rxxxs sent from Williamson, WV (West Virginia). He's threatening to get your IP address, track you down, kidnap, rape, torture, and mutilate you."

And another message: Trista, on of those nut cases on the rapebook page has got hold of your email address.

This is what (s)he posted.

''Found the admin. Left their email address in a post.

Bitch has made a lot of attention-whoring pages in the name of feminism. Yeah... different bitch, same story. /shrug''

The post was made by

I have emailed Facebook and the FBI, but the threats against women online seem to only get worse. After years of fighting this, what else should we be doing?


  1. From MF: We can keep shining light on what is happening. Trolls only thrive in murky conditions. Keep speaking out, and try to get media attention on the situation. Some news bodies have already published reports about it. Don't be afraid or embarrassed about telling. Believe me, you are far from the only one this is happening to, and this is one of those situations where it is good to not be chosen because of being special. Give a fake name if you need privacy, when you write about this on the internet. Blog, talk and connect with womens groups. And, trolls don't know anything about you, except what they pick out of comments you make on the pages you are likeing on facebook(or elsewhere online, if you have a link to it on facebook), so don't be creeped out by them making it seem like they know about you and your past, or whatever else they come up with.

    Here is a blog I made, about some of what goes on, on facebook, with the attacks on womens groups. See also the blog comments.

  2. Most trolls are nothing more than gutless cowards, who spew their nonsense and make empty threats that hide behind their fake email ID's / accounts... Most often its their pathetic attempt at feeling gd about themselves. this is perfect example of it 49-year-old Michael Brutsch hid behind the online screen name "Violentacrez," creating hundreds of subforums on the user-generated website, such as "Rapebait," "Incest," "Pics of Dead Kids," "Choke a Bitch," and "Rape Jokes." "Violentacrez", An internet troll reviled for his pornographic posts on Reddit and recently revealed as a middle-aged software programmer told CNN that he made "a huge mistake." More on his story below.