Saturday, March 16, 2013

"I want little girls Nude"

Just hit a new low, at least in terms of what I have seen personally. I will not post the pictures but I did take screen shots of everything.

I was just sent a new link with nearly 500 followers that is dedicated to "Lesbian girls aged 11-18".  Some of the girls are clearly around 5 years old.

Some girls are bare breasted with pre-pubescent breasts, others are posing in lingerie, still others are just innocent little girls posing in their underwear. Another popular pose is girls in uniform reclining with their skirts lifted up all the way up so you can see their panties.

One has a comment that says "I want little girls Nude".  (This guy has also been reported.)

Reported to Facebook and the authorities but why is this even on Facebook in the first place?

DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE A STRONG STOMACH.Ʊas-lesbianas-de-11-a-18/552455124775121

Update: More pages are popping up:

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