Sunday, April 7, 2013

Facebook Needs A Report Option For Child Abusive Material

February 2013, and Facebook are still no closer to having a report option for content found on their site pertaining to Child Abuse Material. Instead we are given these (or similar) report options...

- Drug use
- Spam or scam
- Graphic violence
- Hate speech or symbol
- Nudity or pornography

Imagery of a child being abused is NOT nudity or porn. It's a crime scene.
They are the evidence depicting children as being victims of a serious crime and possibly in need of help, and why victim identiļ¬cation is so important.
When content as sensitive and horrific as this is submitted, it needs experienced people ready to deal with reports. People who.....

* who are able to remove content as soon as it's possible.
(understandably take down time, will vary, depending on content)

* who are able to analyse what has been reported

* who can determine if the content is illegal, and if so

* who are able to trace where it appears to be located

With the relevant law enforcement contacted, to initiate investigations into (any) victims and perpetrators related to the content.

Facebook as the leading social networking site, should also take the lead in helping combat online sexual exploitation of children. In the UK alone, the number of people accessing illegal images has risen 48% in four years, with up to 35,000 indecent images of children were being found daily.

Facebook needs a function, that stands apart from the "normal" report process, with child sexual abuse reports being submitted straight to a dedicated online reporting system.

INHOPE, for example, some one like this is ideal, they respond to reports already and have a network of 43 Hotlines in 37 countries. Facebook could provide a secure mechanism for it's users to click, which would link directly to the online report form, ensuring the content is investigated.

INSHORT: Facebook needs a report function in place, that is specific to "Child Abuse Material" - (sexual imagery which focuses on children) and which links to a "hotline" who have a dedicated online report system. If this feature were to be put in place by Facebook, it would ensure that any content reported, IS investigated, IS passed to the relevant LEA and the Internet Service Provider hosting the original content IS notified.
Behind every image, there is an exploited, abused and helpless child. Not one should go unnoticed.

Thank you all in advance for your support

Admin @ Peters Law. A Voice For All Children

Admin @ War Against Child Abuse (W.A.C.A)

Admin @ Prevent Child Abuse

Admin @ S.T.E.A.M

* This petition is ONE of TWO created in collaboration with #Op SafeKids

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