Saturday, April 6, 2013

Facebook: Lean In and Do Something

Dear RapeBook, i have all of your details, your education, your names, your profiles & your phone numbers, even your addresses, also all of your pages, including your daughter's who shouldn't even be allowed on facebook in the first place XD  So if i was you i'd fuck off because i live in Munich, Germany too much love from Two Sheep.

Rapebook You better not get pregnant, i will kick you down the stairs & use the coat hanger, your daughters bad enough !!!

Love Two Sheep
Just for rapebook, we'll have some domestic violence -Hilld1

Alan Berry Address: Am Stxxger Unit xx, xxx, xxxx, Germany
Phone Number: 089xxxx
Personal Profile:
Daughters Profile:
Husbands Profile:
Work/Travel Page:
Travel Page:
Daughters art page:

Name: Melissa Flaherty

Rapebook i dedicate this post to you, i'm going to rape your arse...... SLOTH STYLE BITCH !!!!!

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