Sunday, April 7, 2013

Troll Attack

Apparently the trolls are planning an attack based on the picture posted from Report FB Misogyny and photoshop it some way because they believe it to be one of the Admins from Stop Rapebook.

"This is the main admin of both Rapebook & Report FB Misogyny.

Why she posted this image, I've got no idea.

But she's responsible for destroying some of our favorite pages.

So anybody that can use photoshop or anything of that sort, do whatever you want to this image and send it in to the page.

Trust us, we've got a plan.


While I am sure all of us would love to claim this fab body, it is not, in fact, one of our admins.

On top of attacking the supposed admins of our page, this page also targets specific rape victims, Jews and African-Americans.  I don't even want to repost their vile garbage.

Update: There are more sites participating:

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