Saturday, April 6, 2013

Report Facebook Misogyny Says Goodbye to Facebook

Dear friends, supporters and fans, Facebook administrators and members of the media,

Please share this post and photo liberally. I have disabled posting to the page and commenting but you can like and share like crazy if you will. :)

I have been blocked for the past 3 days because trolls heavily reported our list of links to report. Our list showed no pictures and interestingly many are still up on their respective pages which is evidence of who FB supports and holds dear. -That's right the rapists, trolls and those who seek to intimidate and harass girls, women and anyone else that gets in their way. We still encourage our fans to report pages when they violate fb's own rules against hate speech and inciting violence against any population.

Also last week I was blocked for posting a picture of a bare-breasted woman with the words "my body belongs to me" written on her body. She was protesting oppression. AGAIN I received no warning from FB and they blocked me from my own pages. Hence donning my self designed pasties as a way of sticking to FB enforced standards. Heaven forbid someone risk burning their eyes by looking at someone's (gasp) nipples! But a photo of a pregnant women thrown to the bottom of some stairs while the man who threw her(at the top of the stairs) is calling her a filthy whore; well that is just humorous by FB standards.

Effective immediately, the report facebook misogyny page will no longer be active on Facebook. This page has achieved what it was set up to do. It has shown that Facebook’s terms and conditions are null and void. We will leave the rest of the work for Facebook to do – or not.

Report Facebook Misogyny

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