Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enough is Enough: Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture on Facebook.

Picture via Femen Facebook Page

When I signed up for Facebook many years ago, I never dreamed that it would result in…death and rape threats.

Many of us have been fighting Facebook’s policies for years. Thus far, nothing much has changed.

I for one am exhausted by this fight. But every time I think of giving up, I remember what we are fighting for: our girls. For those of us who are survivors, we are also reclaiming what was taken from us. We are saying, “Not again.”

Last week, a collective of over 100 feminist and human rights organizations from around the world published an Open Letter to Facebook, which ends thus:

“In a world in which hundreds of thousands of women are assaulted daily and where intimate partner violence remains one of the leading causes of death for women around the world, it is not possible to sit on the fence. We call on Facebook to make the only responsible decision and take swift, clear action on this issue, to bring your policy on rape and domestic violence into line with your own moderation goals and guidelines.”

Too many of us have experienced sexual trauma during our lifetime. We are at a tipping point where violence against women can either massively increase or decrease. Our actions during these next weeks of protest are critically important.

Please join the #FBRape campaign on Twitter and follow here for upcoming global protests.

Facebook does not have to be a platform for rapists and men who abuse women. By removing images that promote violence against women, we are sending a bigger message to our culture at large. Rape and violence against women are unacceptable, and will no longer be tolerated in any form.

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