Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rape: Three in three women are harmed.

The WAM! Everyday Sexism Campaign is going extremely well.  There is a campaign wins & updates link on their page. 

Don't forget to post about it on your FB pages, Tweet it, Pin it, blog about it.

In order for this campaign to be successful, it needs our full support.

It is also important that we continue to follow up with advertisers and don't let them get by with some of the excuses we have seen thus far. (ie, "Just report it, again.")  

Thanks, we've been doing that for 3 years!

I also hope that we do not lose focus as to WHY we are doing this.

As with most of us, this is extremely personal for me. As with many of us, I have been at the receiving end of various types of male violence.  It's easy to compartmentalize violence against women. At times we have to, just to stay sane. 

So, I invite you to read, or re-read, this very important essay by Christa Parravani: In my twin sister’s rape, there were many victims

"When you hear or see a story about rape or read a statistic about sexual violence against women, multiply the number of people harmed. Be conservative, if you must. Assume that two other women loved or depended on each woman or girl who was violated. So, for one rape, three are injured. And one in three women are assaulted worldwide. So, what’s that?

Three in three women are harmed."

Christa Parravani, at right, with her twin sister, Cara. “Cara’s rapist struck every person who ever loved her,” Parravani writes.

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