Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Facebook Global Protest: Host LOVE not Hate

A collective of feminists & human rights activists from around the world have organized a global protest to spread awareness and mount additional pressure on Facebook to CHANGE. The protest was already scheduled for May 29-31 and will continue on those dates.

We have worked in solidarity with the #FBRape campaign. Both campaigns have been long in the works and were created to compliment each other. Despite their big win today, we have decided to move forward as planned.  Here's why.

We are asking all who write/blog to cover Facebook during these 3 days.

We are asking all feminist admins to post extensively about this on their FB pages May 29th-31.

Tweet it. Blog it. Pin in.

We have made it easy - more than 100 existing articles listed here for your posting convenience

Please use the logo above as your Facebook Profile picture during these days.

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