Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Posts on Facebook

There is so much media out today on this, I can barely keep up with reading it all, let alone posting it all, so I will start a list of my favorites.

Please comment with your own favorites and I will add them to the list.

Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture on Facebook: Elizabeth Hall Magill / Yo Mama

Facebook Vows to Stop Hate Speech Against Women, and Feminist Icon Sheryl Sandberg Says Nothing: Lauren Rankin / Policy Mic

"Facebook’s response to this feminist campaign has promise, but it is important to note that corporations often say one thing and do another, especially when it comes to equality and the public interest. The network of feminist activists that brought about this response needs to remain diligent and hold Facebook accountable to the promises they have made." ~Lauren Rankin

How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business: Sandy Garossino / Huff Post

"On June 11th, the world's media will descend on San Francisco for Facebook's first shareholder meeting. Picture the PR disaster of them being met by a pandemonium of mothers brandishing giant placards of Rethaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd, and rape victims bound and gagged -- all displaying Facebook advertising by American Express and Dove. That's only one possible scenario of many.

The future of course is unpredictable. Whether Facebook can actually assert the needed control over its site is far from certain. But the #fbrape campaign demonstrated was that failure to do so can still inflict a mortal wound on the company."

Could the Facebook Win Be Feminism’s Tipping Point?: Jessica Valenti / The Nation

I’m hopeful but wary—the fact that such a campaign needed to be launched at all is a depressing indicator of where American culture is on sexual assault and violence against women.

Facebook Blocks Another Feminist Campaigner: Louise Pennington -the real sgm

However, acknowledging getting Facebook to acknowledge their misogyny and violence against women isn't enough. We need to keep supporting the amazing women who fronted the campaign by continuing to report offensive pages.

It is far too easy to assume that victory will change things immediately but that's the lazy way out.

We need to ensure that Facebook follows through with their promise to end misogyny.

We need to keep holding them accountable.

Far too often, we believe the promises made and do not enforce accountability.

We need to hold Facebook accountable today and forever.

NSFW: Facebook Says That Page Trafficking Women Doesn't Violate TOS: Slay Belle /Jezebel

I suppose these women — a large number of whom are victims of sex trafficking — aren't breastfeeding their children, but one might think that a graphic photo of a blowjob might, you know, violate Facebook's TOS against sexually explicit imagery. (And note — these two photos that I edited and included here as an example of what is being broadcast on that page are tame in comparison to some of the photographs, a series of which includes taking an underage'd girl's virginity, with close up shots a man's hand spreading her vulva for inspection.)

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